Professional Statement

I chose to become a teacher because I believe that education is the most important factor in the development of individuals and in the betterment of society. I also believe that students benefit personally and professionally from the skills that an English Language Arts education provides, such as communication, self-expression, critical thinking and cultural knowledge. As a reflective and innovative English Language Arts educator who is committed to diversity, I strive to provide my students with meaningful and differentiated learning experiences that not only prepare them for their future, but also build upon and expand their interests, cultural and linguistic knowledge, and life experience.

My teaching philosophy is based on the theoretical framework of constructivism, the belief that people construct their own knowledge and understanding of the world through experience and reflection. Because of this philosophy I see my teaching role as that of a facilitator who guides students through an active learning process rather than as a transmitter of knowledge. I believe that teaching should be student-centered and innovative, with modification and adaptation for each student. My teaching philosophy also highly values diversity. I believe that all students have unique knowledge and experiences, and I aim to create a classroom environment that embraces diversity and welcomes the abundance of knowledge that it provides.

I have a strong and lifelong passion for learning and hope to share this passion with my students. As a professional I am responsible, compassionate, creative, open-minded, enthusiastic, patient, reflective, open to collaboration, and welcoming of diversity. My long-term goal and ambition is to become an effective teacher who continues to grow and learn alongside her students.