Interactive Notebook

During my student teaching placement, my cooperating teacher and I had our Grade 7 Language Arts classes create Interactive Notebooks that are to be used as both a reference guide and portfolio of student work not only this year, but in future years as they grow as writers. At the beginning of the year, each student received a composition notebook that they decorated and personalized. As we began writing memoirs, we provided students with various materials that are cut out and pasted on the right side of the notebook. On the left side of the notebook, students pasted their own work. Examples of notebook contents include: a completed plot element diagram (right side) and a student’s diagram of their own memoir (left side); tips for revising and editing (right side) and a sample paragraph that a student has revised and edited (left side).

Portfolio Packet

Cover of a decorated Interactive Notebook

INB Table of Contents

Table of Contents


“Writing from the Heart” memoir brainstorming activity 

INB Plot Elements 2

Plot Elements examples, provided by students

INB Plot Diagram 2

Plot Diagram for a student’s “good fit book”

INB Plot Diagram 3

BME (Beginning, Middle, End) Graphic Organizer for student’s memoir

Interactive Notebook Revise and Edit

Revising and Editing tips and practice