Classroom Organization and Management Plan

As my time in my student teaching classroom has proven, classroom organization and management are key to creating a structured, safe and optimal environment in which all students can learn. For this plan, I have utilized some resources and materials that I read in a course on Inclusive Teaching. In addition to these theoretical resources, I have also included some of the practical knowledge that I have gained from my field experiences.

My plan is divided into six sections, listed below. Elements of research and theories and my own teaching statement, or teaching philosophy, are interspersed throughout the plan. Lastly, I have tailored my plan for a secondary English Language Arts classroom, as that is my major.


1. Classroom Design and Physical Accommodations

2. Classroom Management: Building Community and Responding to Behavioral Challenges

3. Details of Classroom Organization and Management

4. Building A Community of Learners

5. The Role of Students and Teacher

6. The Role of Families