Standard 5: Application of Content

Category: Content Knowledge

The teacher understands how to connect concepts and use differing perspectives to engage learners in critical thinking, creativity, and collaboration problem solving related to authentic local and global issues.

Artifact: Tabletop Twitter

Description: My Tabletop Twitter lesson plan provides evidence that I have met InTASC Standard 5.  The lesson requires students to work collaboratively and cooperatively in small groups to read and respond to quotes from an informative text about the death penalty, an authentic issue. The groups are required to think critically about this topic, write a response, and respond to the other groups’ responses.

Reflection: The experience of creating and implementing this lesson plan allowed for my professional growth, as I tried to find a way to get students to think critically and creatively about a controversial topic while also meeting Common Core Standards. The success of this lesson proved to me that with the right guidance, middle school students are more than capable of thinking critically about real world issues and analyzing difficult texts. In my future teaching practice, I will continue to employ real world issues to engage students in English language arts concepts.


Artifact: Teaching and Learning Statement

Description: My Teaching and Learning Statement provides evidence that I have met InTASC Standard 5. In the statement, I describe how a constructivist-based teaching philosophy inherently encourages critical thinking, creativity and collaborative problem solving because it values the perspectives and backgrounds of each student and values authentic learning experiences. Constructivist-based teaching also encourages difficult or ambiguous questions, which can be introduced through authentic local and global issues.

Reflection: The experience of writing my Teaching and Learning Statement and implementing some of its ideas in my student teaching classroom allowed for my professional growth, as I was able to see how theory can be applied in practice. Additionally, with this writing assignment, I was able to reflect upon and clearly articulate my teaching philosophy, an exercise that I believe will be useful to my future teaching practice.