Standard 10: Leadership and Collaboration

Category: Professional Responsibility

The teachers seeks appropriate leadership roles and opportunities to take responsibility for student learning, to collaborate with learners, families, colleagues, other school professionals, and community members to ensure learner growth, and to advance the profession.

Artifact: Learning with Communities

Description: My Learning with Communities reflection provides evidence that I have met InTASC Standard 10. This artifact is a reflection on the community in which my student teaching placement is located. In my reflection, I discuss ways in which I plan to use the research I have conducted on the community to take responsibility for the students of this community and collaborate with students’ families and the community to ensure student growth.

Reflection: The experience of working on the Learning with Communities reflection allowed for my professional growth, as I was able to put into practice much of the knowledge I learned in my education classes about the importance of working with other professionals and the school community. In my future teaching practice, I will conduct similar research on the communities in which I teach in order to better understand my students and their families and to look for ways to collaborate with them.


Artifact: Student-Led Conferences

Description: My Student-Led Conferences provide evidence that I have met InTASC Standard 10. For our conferences, my cooperating teacher and I decided to conduct student-led conferences. We decided together that this would allow students to take responsibility for their work and would require them to set goals and articulate these goals to their parents or guardians. With these conferences, I was able to collaborate with my cooperating teacher, students, and students’ families to ensure student growth and meet the needs of each student.

Reflection: The experience of preparing students for and participating in Student-Led Conferences allowed for my professional growth, as I was able to see how important it is for students to be invested in their own academic success, as well as the importance of collaborating with students and their families. In my future teaching practice I will undoubtedly use Student-Led Conferences as I believe they are more effective and beneficial to all parties than traditional parent teacher conferences.