InTASC Model Core Teaching Standards

The Learner and Learning

Teachers have high expectations and implement developmentally appropriate, challenging learning experiences within a variety of learning environments that help all learners meet high standards and reach their full potential.

Standard 1: Learner Development

Standard 2: Learning Differences

Standard 3: Learning Environments

Content Knowledge

Teachers must have understanding of their content areas as they work with learners to access and apply knowledge in real world settings, and address meaningful issues to assure learner mastery of the content.

Standard 4: Content Knowledge

Standard 5: Application of Content

Instructional Practice

Teachers understand and integrate assessment, planning, and instructional strategies in coordinated and engaging ways.

Standard 6: Assessment

Standard 7: Planning for Instruction

Standard 8: Instructional Strategies

Professional Responsibility

Teachers must engage in meaningful and intensive professional learning and self-renewal by regularly examining practice through ongoing study, self-reflection, and collaboration.

Standard 9: Professional Learning and Ethical Practice

Standard 10: Leadership and Collaboration