In fall 2012 I began a Master of Arts in Teaching program that will lead to my certification to teach secondary English and history. Throughout my entire academic career I had known that I wanted to teach, but I had always assumed it would be at the collegiate level. It wasn’t until fairly recently that I discovered secondary education is where my passion and interests lie.

While my journey to this program has been rather long and indirect, I feel that I am better prepared to both enter a teaching program and become an educator myself. My work in media studies has enhanced my critical thinking abilities and has reiterated for me the importance of helping my future students to develop such skills. I truly believe in the value of critical and analytical thinkers; what better way to think deeply about and better understand our world than through literature and history? Additionally, my academic and professional work in new media have provided me with a better understanding of how the ways in which we communicate are rapidly changing. An understanding of this and a willingness to adapt to these new forms of communication are essential, I believe, for anyone who works with students.

I’m tremendously excited to continue in this next leg of my educational journey. Through my own academic studies I have discovered a true passion for knowledge and learning and I hope to share this with my future students.